Selection Process

Approval Process:

  • Selection Meetings will be held twice per month until the LEARN Behavioral business revenue is 90% or higher of Pre-Covid levels.
  • Applicants must receive a majority of Selection Committee votes
  • No individual grant may exceed $500
  • No individual may receive more than $1,000 during a three-month period from time of receiving first grant


Board of Directors

The LEARN Behavioral Assistance Funds, Inc will be governed by its Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is responsible for approving/modifying the selection / eligibility rules to ensure the balance of the priorities of the organization.  The Board of directors will ratify all grant recommendations by the Selection Committee.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is responsible for applying the selection / eligibly rules, using their best judgement based on the Qualifications set forth in this procedure in order to fulfill the purpose of the organization.  As they utilize the selection criteria and process, the committee will also suggest recommended changes to the Board of Directors in order to better deliver against the organization’s purpose.

The Selection Committee will select recipients based on an objective determination of need.


The COVID-19 Employee Assistance Fund was created by an initial grant of $100,000 from Gryphon Assistance Fund.  The Fund can also be grown through future and continued donations and contributions from LEARN directors, officers, employees, vendors, and advisors.  All employees are eligible to participate and donate through one-time gifts or by regular payroll deduction.  LEARN executive team members are encouraged to consider donations as well.